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A Mom’s Summer Project List …

I came to a sad realization last week when summer school ended. I was driving home with pizza and wings from our favorite place in Batavia, Main St. Pizzeria. It was almost seven o’clock (we stayed late to finish grading) and I felt like I’d just done the same thing a week ago. Unfortunately it… Continue reading A Mom’s Summer Project List …

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Feeling Motivated?

So it’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything workout or Beachbody related and I think that’s because recent events have taken a precedent in my life, leaving healthy eating to the side. But I’m ready to feel my best again and get my family feeling healthier too! Family and self are all the motivation… Continue reading Feeling Motivated?

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On the Art of Losing

When I lost my sister ten years ago, I found a book of poems at a yardsale. I love poetry (English teacher) and reading them aloud. This particular poem is very special to me, because it can also be heard in the movie, In Her Shoes, a wonderful story about sisters based on Jennifer Weiner’s… Continue reading On the Art of Losing


Remembering My Sister in the Wake of New Loss

Tomorrow, August 14, will be make it ten years since my youngest sister, Amanda, was taken too soon from this earth. She was my sister and my best friend. The one with whom I shared childhood memories and future goals and hopes. The person I miss the most in this world and will keep in… Continue reading Remembering My Sister in the Wake of New Loss

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Kiddie Pool & Playground DAZE

If your a mommy (or daddy) with a little one this summer in western NY, then I’m pretty sure you’ve been taking advantage of this beautiful weather too, perhaps by taking your little one(s) to your local park or playground. (Did I say beautiful? I meant sweltering hot why the heck didn’t I let my… Continue reading Kiddie Pool & Playground DAZE

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Fixate On This Chicken Salad

I recently had a conversation with another mom who’s used the Fix to lose weight after having a baby (30 lbs!) She had never eaten in a healthy way before, she’d struggled with her weight, and then when she finally decided to change the way she was living, she could never go back. She told… Continue reading Fixate On This Chicken Salad

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Why Being a Mom Means I Won’t be Able to do it All

If you are a mom, then you probably already know the answer to this. If you’re a dad and reading this, then I’m guessing you have it figured out too. Being a parent, the “best parent” that you can be, means that you will undoubtedly have to give up many things that you’d really like… Continue reading Why Being a Mom Means I Won’t be Able to do it All